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Staff incentives: How to motivate employees effectively with prepaid cards

prepaid cardsHow do we define employee wellbeing? According to a Dr Juniper, quoted by BTI Consultants, “employee wellbeing identifies the individual’s happiness at work. A significant influence on their happiness level is their subjective opinions surrounding their job and their employer.” When staff are unexpectedly rewarded for their hard work and loyalty, they feel worthy and appreciated, adding to an improved perception of their employer.  In turn, this facilitates the growth of your business. There are ample anecdotes about how profit margins are directly related to staff morale. Gift cards and prepaid cards are excellent as staff incentives and to ultimately motivate employees to give their all. We explain why.


Innovative gift and prepaid cards are safer ways to incentivise staff


Besides the fact that gifting someone with cash is often seen as tacky, giving someone hard currency isn’t the safest option either. Cards that are pre-loaded however, are a discreet gift option, and enable the recipient to safely carry their gift in their wallet and then spend it at their own convenience.

Staff can spend their gift cards any way they wish

Trying to find a different gift for every single staff member is unrealistic. Instead of spending hours hunting for the perfect present, giving custom gift cards or prepaid cards takes the headache out of the process. Custom gift cards and prepaid cards also ensure that all gifts are of the same value.

Gift cards have evolved to include options that are equivalent to cash


Many stores and shopping malls sell gift cards that can only be spent at pre-determined stores. These are a great option if you want to gift someone with a card for their favourite store or brand. If you’re not sure what their taste or retail preference is however, staff have another option.

Gift cards that are pre-loaded Visa cards enable you to give someone the freedom of choice and convenience of being able to spend it anywhere they like.

That said, thanking your staff in a meaningful way is easier said than done

Whether you’re the owner of a small boutique, or head up a large company with numerous employees, rewarding your staff for their efforts can be challenging.

Custom gift cards, like our Tutuka Mobile Money card, give your staff the gift of choice.

Gift cards that are Visa-certified, like our Tutuka, enable the recipient to use them at any point of sale in South Africa. This means that regardless of what your employee wants to spend her money on, she’ll be able to do just that. Instead of having to buy a gift card from an individual store or shopping mall, Visa gift cards can be spent anywhere. The result? Every single one of your satff will be able to buy what they want, when they want it. This is sure to motivate employees.

In addition, take a look at Paycorp’s Tutuka solution. Giving these to your staff will have you confidently tick the “motivate employees” box.