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How to choose the right credit card machine for your business

eftpos credit card machineA credit card machine is one of the  crucial elements of a business’s payment options. It offers customers who do not carry around cash the ability to pay with a debit or credit card. For a business that experiences heavy traffic and a high cash turnover, they offer a more secure way to collect money.   Having a credit card machine means an enhancement in cash flow: transactions are processed and settled quickly, so there is no chance of waiting for a cheque to clear (if your business still accepts them),  an EFT to reflect, or an invoice to be paid. There are different types of credit card machines to meet different business needs. Here are some things to consider when picking a credit card maching for your business.

A desktop credit card machine works well where there is a single point of sale

Desktop credit card machines are a cost-effective point-of-sale option suited to brick and mortar business environments with till points. For instance, desktop credit card machines are suited to supermarkets with check-out points. While these types of card machines could work in a restaurant, customers may be inconvenienced by getting up from their tables to pay at a till.

Portable terminals have the same functionality as a fixed POS, but are more convenient in environments like restaurants

A portable credit card machine is suitable for a restaurant as waiters can take the credit card machine to the customer to process the payment at their table. The rule of thumb is to choose a credit card machine that caters to your most common payment acceptance method. But good network coverage is required for the most effective portable credit card transactions, and so those businesses in areas with poor network coverage should consider a GPRS-powered desktop credit card machine or a mobile point-of-sale option.

Mobile credit card machines suit businesses on the move

A mobile point-of-sale device, such as ZipZap, uses the merchant’s smartphone or tablet to accept all card payments, simply by connecting to a separate and secure ZipZap card reader via Bluetooth. A ZipZap mobile POS provides merchants with a service that allows them to issue e-receipts via SMS or email, as well as view a detailed transaction history via the free ZipZap app or an online merchant portal.

ZipZap is built on state-of-the-art point-to-point encryption and is fully industry certified and compliant, regardless of the operating system it is paired with. You can download the free ZipZap app by visiting you smartphone’s app store or the ZipZap website, and applying as a merchant for the card reader directly from within the app, regardless of the smartphone they use.

For online businesses, a secure credit card payment gateway is a must

For businesses who have an online presence, the ability to accept payments via a secure payment gateway is vital. A well-designed online payment gateway processes credit and debit card transactions securely and in real time is key. All that’s required is that the merchant has an Internet connection. EFTPOS has developed its e-commerce solution allowing businesses to accept secure and immediate debit and credit card payments online.

Some businesses require a variety of card processing options

Businesses with both a brick and mortar and an online presence need diverse card processing options in order to meet their needs.  In this case, an online payment gateway and a physical credit card machine are both suitable. EFTPOS offers a range of credit card machines and payment solutions that will be able to meet your needs on all of these fronts.