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How to train your staff on using a card machine

CARD_MachinesWhen buying in bulk or where goods can be purchased at wholesale prices, customers may prefer to purchase their wares using credit or debit cards instead of carrying large sums of cash around with them. Making use of a card machine gives your customers a safe and convenient payment option. One way to ensure they feel comfortable paying via a card machine is to have properly trained staff smoothly handling the transaction. Here’s how to train your staff to be professional card machine operators.

Staff should always look away when the customer enters their PIN number

Card skimming, or theft of sensitive card information for fraudulent purposes, is a reality. Although chip and PIN cards ensure this is less likely to happen, customers may still be wary of paying by card. To give them some reassurance, the staff member handling the transaction should look away as the customer enters their PIN code in the card machine. Staff could encourage a customer to cover the card machine’s keypad as they enter their PIN code to protect themselves from potential scammers standing in the till’s queue.


Staff should be patient if the transaction is taking time to go through

Oftentimes, a card machine takes a while to communicate to the selected bank, delaying a transaction. Customers may get uncomfortable with the wait, believing something could be wrong. They may worry that something may be wrong or that they have insufficient funds. Staff should convey a relaxed and patient attitude, reassuring the customer where appropriate.



If the card payment is declined, staff should offer the customer another opportunity to pay

Customers may be embarrassed should their card payment not go through. Staff at the till should be reassuring and offer to process the transaction again, with the customer re-entering their PIN. If a cashier suspects that the card machine could be faulty, they should request to use another machine. If the second attempt yields the same result, the staff member could suggest the customer pay with an alternativecard or contact their bank (the telephone number is usually at the back of the card). Alternatively, if you’ve got an in-store ATM, staff could suggest cash as another payment option. In short, staff should do their utmost to ensure that the customer is made to feel as comfortable as possible during their purchase.


Select a card machine provider that offers dedicated after-sales support and training to staff

Even after thoroughly training your staff on the correct use of card machines, from time to time, the card machine provider may need to offer additional help and resources. Choosing a trusted and credible partner such as EFTPOS, will ensure that your customers can pay by card easily . Importantly, EFTPOS offers after-sales support and a network of highly trained technicians who can provide technical services and staff training.


Encourage staff to ask questions about card machines and address them

Ensure that store managers and staff are fully equipped to deal with any questions or problematic card machines, and that they are always on hand should a cashier require assistance. In addition, a process should be in place whereby common concerns around card machines are raised by staff members and then addressed, so that card payments become seamless and your customers’ experience is enhanced.