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How to become a prepaid airtime supplier

small store selling prepaid electricityPrepaid cellphone packages comprise 85% of the mobile phone package market in South Africa, says a report released by Nielsen, making the idea of selling prepaid airtime in a shop seem attractive.  In the past, buying prepaid airtime was a laboured process, where scratch cards and printed vouchers were bought from an airtime vending machine. The risk was that prepaid airtime vouchers and scratch cards could be stolen, or a store-owner would run out of stock in a short amount of time. Thanks to new technology, the business of selling prepaid airtime and even electricity in stores is more efficient and lucrative than ever before. Here are a few ways you can offer prepaid airtime services and boost your in-store foot traffic.


You’re able to sell prepaid airtime from your computer

In order to sell prepaid airtime via a computer, electronic voucher distribution (EVD) software is essential, and can be purchased from a number of vendors. According to Entrepreneur Magazine, the software allows you to have a system that credits your virtual account as soon as you deposit funds into the bank account of the airtime supplier (MTN, CellC, Vodacom etc.). The store-owner’s account, which can be viewed online, tracks the commission made from the airtime sales, as well as the cellphone numbers and names of clients.


Your cellphone is also an airtime vending machine

One of the easier ways of selling prepaid airtime is through a cellphone. Essentially, once a customer pays the required amount, an SMS is sent to the airtime supplier, which then responds with a PIN code that the customer uses to buy the virtual airtime voucher. A commission is earned from each transaction.

You can invest in a portable vending machine

A store-owner can sell prepaid airtime, electricity and accept payments via a hand-held machine. Although this means more on start-up costs, the seller earns the highest profit. Usually, a store-owner can purchase a machine and earn a set profit, or purchases it at no cost, earning profit according to the machine’s monthly turnover.  Kazang offers merchants an easy, portable way to sell prepaid airtime, electricity and even receive bill payments. As a shop owner, you can choose from purchasing the hardware at a set profit margin or get it at no cost based on a sliding scale profit margin.The Kazang hand-held machine is robust and mobile and works like a virtual wallet.


About 14 000 Kazang vendors in South Africa are increasing their profits by selling prepaid airtime and electricity, as well as as accepting bill payments.  For example, if a person wishes to pay their DSTV account, they can do so via a Kazang vending device.


There are many advantages of vending Kazang electronic airtime vouchers: Airtime selling is safe and convenient, with no risk of vouchers being lost or stolen. Even if the Kazang machine goes missing, the deposit and investment is not compromised. Kazang vending technology allows store-owners to manage the service very easily. As long as sufficient funds have been deposited, Kazang vendors will not run out of stock.