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How to make the most of your in-store ATM

instore cash express Smart ATMConvenient and secure access to cash is a priority for South Africans. Even with the plethora of alternative payment options, such as credit cards and mobile payment solutions, cash is still widely used, especially for small and convenience purchases. An in-store ATM, whether in a large retail outlet or convenience store, offers a value-added service to customers.

Having in-store ATM can boost your bottom-line, due to increased foot traffic and the additional revenue generated from in-store ATM usage (you’ll earn commission from each transaction). Having an in-store ATM makes business sense, but are you making the most out of yours? Here are six things that will help you to maximise the impact of your ATM in store:

Make sure you’re visibly advertising the fact that you have an in-store ATM.

If no one knows that you’ve got an ATM in store, the chances that it will increase your revenue are slim. Many consumers are drawn to stores solely because of the fact that they’re able to safely draw cash inside, which means that if you’re clearly displaying the fact that you’ve got an ATM, you’re able to increase the number of people who’ll choose to walk through your door. Make sure you’ve got clear  advertising outside your store – whether on a banner over the shop entrance, or on a sign next to your entrance, this needs to be clearly visible to passers-by.

Your ATM should be strategically placed in store.

What’s the point of having an ATM in your store if it’s tucked right at the back of your shop, hidden behind a display cabinet? Many store managers or owners seem to forget that accessible placement of an in-store ATM is crucial. Deciding where to put an ATM is part intuitive and part common-sense. People should be able to find it easily, yet this space must be secure and away from the prying eyes of other shoppers. A clear path towards the ATM machine is essential too; your customers don’t want to be tripping over the charcoal or firewood when doing their transactions.

The safety of your customers is of paramount importance.

When people use an ATM, their safety and security is a key concern. Unfortunately, crime is a reality, which means that you need to ensure that your customers have peace of mind when withdrawing cash. This may include a CCTV camera, privacy panels, an in-store guard, excellent lighting, or a combination of these.  It’s also advisable to educate your customers about ATM security via reminders next to your cash machine with the following tips:


  • Be vigilant and observe your surroundings before transacting
  • Have your card at the ready
  • Never accept assistance from a stranger
  • Do not count your cash whilst standing at the ATM
  • Store your card, cash and receipt immediately
  • Cancel your transaction if you feel uncomfortable
  • Report suspicious activity to the store manager immediately


A clean store is vital – instilling trust in your customers.

Your store should be as clean as possible, and particularly the area around your ATM. People don’t want to stand in dust whilst using your ATM, nor do they want to step over discarded receipts or packets of sugar that have fallen off from the coffee station. In addition, the ATM should be hygienic with the screen and keypad should be regularly cleaned and the bin emptied.

Rely on the experts.

Having an in-store ATM requires adherence to best practice standards, which an expert is able to implement. For instance, standard signage is installed to indicate the location of the ATM and, a security and risk assessment would be conducted to conclude where the best place for the in-store ATM would be.


Using a reputable and efficient ATM service provider is crucial.

An ATM Solutions specialist can advise you on the best placement of your in-store ATM, and provide you with other helpful advice. Should the ATM malfunction, they can also be on hand to fix it, and ensure that no downtime, and subsequent loss of business, occurs.