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The lowdown on load shedding

load sheddingIn previous articles, we wrote about the effects of rolling blackouts on your business. We offered a few manageable tips and suggestions to keep your business afloat, despite not always having power.

Evaluate how load shedding affects your business

Since the reinstatement of rolling blackouts, businesses big and small, as well as the customers they serve, have suffered alike. Most businesses are left handicapped for hours.

It is important to evaluate how load shedding is affecting your business and how to work towards finding the best solution to keep your business running when the power gets cut off. When evaluating your business, you will need to look at these three key loss areas: customers, money, and time.

Puzzled? You might be wondering why just these three. The reason is simple: these are your business’s most valuable assets.

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How to stay connected during load shedding

Businesses need to implement ways to ensure that when the lights go out, sales will remain unaffected. Large companies are well established and are therefore in a better position to afford a generator, and can more easily absorb the economic impact caused by no power. The livelihood of small businesses, however, hangs in the balance. If you haven’t invested in the tools and technology that will help you to stay operational when the power next goes out, now is the time to do so.

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Beat load shedding at its own game

It’s one thing to know that load shedding is adversely affecting your business; compiling a contingency plan can be another matter entirely. There are some methods to use that will ensure that your business is well prepared for load shedding. All of these are only scalable if you’re equipped with a point of sale system that can withstand power outages. A mobile POS that connects to a smartphone or tablet is the one tool that separates businesses who survive load shedding, from those who don’t.

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When busy times hit, be prepared

During busy times such as Christmas, one thing is for sure: retailers can make up for slumps in sales suffered throughout the year. Shops, however, need to be fully prepared to handle an influx of customers on top of looming power cuts. The ability to trade regardless of the power situation will either make or break your seasonal sales targets. Leveraging busy and festive times hinge on having adequate stock, staff and, more importantly, a mobile POS device that can supplement your desktop terminals – should the need arise.

Without the tools to cater for the increase in shoppers and the inevitable risk of load shedding, not only will you lose out on additional revenue, but you’ll run the risk of turning patrons away from your store.

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