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The best mobile apps to boost your business

mobile apps for smartphonesWith over 1 million mobile apps now available in the Google Play store, finding the best productivity mobile apps can be incredibly overwhelming. Whether you’re a devoted Apple user, an advocate of Android, or swear by your Windows phone, mobile apps can enhance productivity, simplify your workday and enable you to run your business more efficiently – wherever you are. Mobile apps have essentially turned a smartphone into a mobile office – with apps to write documents, create PDFs, manage your banking and make cashless payments, managing your workday is now easier than ever.

We’ve rounded up our favourite mobile apps for entrepreneurs and business owners who’re on the lookout for ways to streamline their day to day operations


Best for: Managing your money.

Works with: iPhone and iPad.

22Seven, created by Old Mutual, is an app that gives you an easy-to-digest overview of your money. You’re able to see what you spend your money on by category, including rent, insurance, fuel and many more. You’re able to choose which categories apply to you, create new ones and ignore the rest. With an easy to use interface and colour-coded graphs, the app uses data from your online bank account (this is done securely) The app is compatible with any South African bank account. This information is converted into digestible graphs and pie charts and lets you compare your income and expenditure month by month, discover trends and set spending goals for areas in which you want to curb your spending.


Best for: Organising all of your notes, documents and images in one place.

Works with: All devices.

If you’re tired of sorting through reams of paper or searching for a document on your desktop, Evernote is for you. You’re able to compile lists and write documents manually, by dictating them or with a stylus. The app lets you capture handwritten notes, copy web articles and scan images and then stores them in a searchable data base. Evernote essentially combines physical and digital notes, and syncs across devices so that whether you’re behind your desk or on the go, you’ve got the information you need at your fingertips. The best part? Evernote backs up all of your data in the cloud, which means you’ll never lose another document again.


Best for: Digitally capturing physical business cards.

Works with: All devices.

Even though we live in the digital age, many people still use business cards. They’re great for networking, but when it comes to storing all of the business cards you’ve collected, you’ll probably end up shoving them into a drawer and promptly forgetting about them. Camcard captures all of the information on a business card, enables you to swap or send them, and backs up all of this information in the cloud.


Best for: Getting a handle on your inbox.

Works with: All devices.

Bogged down by email? Mailbox is created by cloud-storage venture, Dropbox. Designed to make sorting through your emails easier, the app is simple to use and makes clearing out your inbox – dare we say it – fun. Compatible with Gmail, Mailbox is the easiest way to manage your mail.


Best for: Transacting on the go.

Works with: All devices

The only payments app for retailers and business owners that works across Apple, Android and Windows phones, ZipZap turns a smartphone into a portable credit card machine. The app makes performing secure card transactions simple – wherever you do business. It works with all banks, credit cards and debit cards, providing the small business owner with the ability to view a transaction history, process purchases, refunds and voids. What’s more, users can make use of round-the-clock support staff.

Find out more about our mobile credit card app, ZipZap, here.