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The top two trends influencing SA entrepreneurs: mobile apps and mobile payments

Mobile Payments And AppsWe live in an age of information overload. While the ease at which we’re able to attain this information is incredibly useful, being bombarded by information across platforms – be it a smartphone, desktop or tablet – has highlighted the growing need to simplify our lives. Thanks to a new generation of mobile apps, streamlining your day is now easier than ever.

Instead of being overwhelmed by a seemingly never-ending stream of data, the right kind of mobile apps can bring some order to what can often feel like chaos.

A deluge of information, coupled with changing consumer demands is driving the demand for mobile apps that add real value to users

Whether to pay for goods and services, to avoid long queues in a bank, or to shed light on our spending habits, mobile apps that enhance financial wellness are becoming invaluable tools. Unsurprisingly then, mobile banking apps and mobile payment apps are among the most popular apps being used by entrepreneurs across industries. This is due to the fact that they provide easy, convenient ways of managing money and accepting payments.

Old Mutual’s 22Seven now enables you to invest from your smartphone

Investing has never been easier. 22Seven recently introduced another feature to their mobile app which is designed to assist users in managing their money in a smarter way. The app now enables users to invest – from as little as R350 – with the option of a tax-free investment too. Investment options include various Old Mutual funds.  The app works across all devices and is free to use.

SnapScan allows users to make fast, secure and cashless payments

One of the mobile payment apps that’s fast gaining popularity is SnapScan. With over 14 000 merchants now using SnapScan, making mobile payments is easier than ever. The app uses both a phone PIN and an app PIN – which means that making payments via this mobile app is far more secure than if you were to carry cash, or use a credit card which is at risk of being cloned. The app is free to download and use, works across all smartphones and is compatible with all ecommerce enabled Visa and Master Cards from any South African bank.

ABSA App is a multi-functional mobile banking app

The ABSA mobile app now goes beyond traditional balance checking and transactions capabilities. The new features include the GPS-driven Absa ATM and branch locator and your trading profile.  This app is perfect for those squeezed for time and has a dashboard menu that makes it easy to access all its great features. The app is compatible with all smartphone devices.

ZipZap mobile POS turns your smartphone into a point of sale system

As far as mobile apps are concerned, ZipZap is one of the biggest game changers in the mobile payments arena. Entrepreneurs, start-ups and business owners who work remotely are using it to accept credit and debit card payments wherever they do business. Users are able to perform regular transactions, as well as refund customers or void transactions. The app is free, and is the only mobile payments app in South Africa that works across all smartphones.

Find out more about ZipZap by downloading our brochure, here.
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